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Composer's Kitchen : Recipe for Success!

Campaign Ended Dec. 15, 2016

Fundraising Campaign 2016 | Composer's Kitchen : Recipe for Success!

Dear Friends,

From October 4th to December 5th, we are launching our fundraising campaign Composer's Kitchen : Recipe for Success! For each dollar that you give Mécénat Placements Culture will give two dollars. Therefore the value of your donation is tripled.

What is Composer’s Kitchen?

Presented annually since 2005, Composer's Kitchen is one of our workshops for the young generation.

Focused on string quartet, this unique experience is a fusion of workshop, lab, and masterclass. For one week, the quartet and two mentor composers examine and study the works of four selected emerging composers. Their pieces are read, dissected, commented upon, worked on, analysed, replayed, and then performed in the final concert. Composer’s Kitchen happens in an environment that favours exchanges and collaboration between the composers and the quartet. It was important for us to create a non-competitive setting, where composers have complete freedom to try new approaches to music through string quartet composition.

Over the years, Composer’s Kitchen has become a valuable launchpad for young composers.

In 2012, we extended the workshop format to a two-phase Composer’s Kitchen with international partnerships in the UK (hcmf//, SoundandMusic) and in the Netherlands (Gaudeamus). The workshop happens over two sessions, separated by several months, to allow the composers a longer time to develop and deepen their pieces. Consequently, they get the chance to have their piece performed at least twice, once in Canada and once overseas.

Until now we have been supporting our composers in every possible way, trying to have different sources of funding for our Composer’s Kitchen workshop. Our ultimate goal is to fully fund participants with travel, accommodation, scholarship and tuition.

We are setting an endowment fund for CK so that we can ensure that this program continues for many years to come - please donate and be a part of this Recipe for Success!!

Donate and support musical creation!

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Mécénat Placements Culture, a grant program of Quebec's Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, is offering us a unique opportunity to instantly triple the value of raised funds: for each dollar raised, the MCC will add two dollars to the campaign. Our goal is to reach $30 000 by December 5 2016; the result being an endowment fund of $90 000 dedicated to Composer's Kitchen, because of your generosity and the matched donation from Placements Culture.

This campaign comes at an exceptional occasion and will allow us to invest long-term commitment and energy into Composer’s Kitchen activities. In this way, we can focus on continuing to create with artists of the emerging generation.

Thank you in advance!

You can watch the campaign video below:

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