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Quidditch Canada

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Team Canada

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2018

Twelve years ago, a group of college students started playing a fictional sport they read about in a book. Today, this sport has grown into a legitimized sport with thousands of athletes spread across more than 30 countries, and a biannual international championship. This sport is quidditch.

This summer, Quidditch World Cup 2018 will be held in Florence, Italy, and 25 athletes will be given the opportunity to represent Canada on the world stage. For these athletes, quidditch is not simply a game, it is a passion, a dream, and a lifestyle. The athletes have been training hard all year; however, as a new and upcoming sport, quidditch has very little in the way of government funding opportunities. While we have been doing many of our own small fundraisers, such as selling merchandise and starting a FlipGive fundraiser, we are requesting your help to ensure our athletes can win gold in Italy.

Would you consider sponsoring us to help see our dreams become a reality? Factoring in indoor practice field bookings, tournament fees, airplane tickets, and accommodation, we expect our expenses will be around $80,000 to field a team. Your sponsorship will make a huge impact on our progress towards meeting our financial goals, and allow our athletes to focus on bringing home the gold for Canada. As well, sponsorships and donations may be tax deductible in Canada.

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