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R.A.S.T.A. (Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals)


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COVID-19 Sanctuary Feed Security

Campaign Ended June 24, 2020

As responsible community members, we are taking every possible step to keep our community safe during the crisis of COVID-19.

We have closed the sanctuary to the public, cancelled all public events and tours as well as all fundraisers.  While we believe strongly that these measures are absolutely necessary and we are proud to do our part to slow the spread of this virus and hopefully help to keep people safe, being responsible comes with great cost to the sanctuary and is frightening to us as caretakers of more than 100 rescued animals.

As a charitable organization rely on revenue from events, tours, and fundraising for a large portion of our operational costs.  We have no idea how long these measures will be necessary, or in what ways transport and availability of feed may be affected. We also expect that because of the financial impact of this crisis on individuals and families worldwide, there is great potential for long-term loss of financial support from many of our regular donors

To keep everyone fed and healthy we are going outside of our regular budget to purchase three months of feed, which comes at a cost of over $7000.00.  Normally we wouldn't put an order this large in, but our residents don't have the same flexibility in their diets as we do, so we need to secure a lengthy supply of feed that meets their needs.  Should transportation or the operation of feed stores be disrupted, we need to be able to provide.

This amount does not include our bedding and medical costs, but some of those have been included in what supporters can choose for their donation amounts to give an understanding of what the day to day costs of basic animal care are.

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