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Beyond COVID19 - Brazil

Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2020

Video overview

In early 2020, we began to plan a project in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil to improve education. COVID19 interrupted the project and has substantially increased risk for the poor.

Through a Calgary-Brazil connection we were able to establish a relationship with a well-established Brazilian NGO by the name of Abrigo Orvalho de Luz ‘AOL’, a long-established NGO in the region. Prior to COVID, their funding was entirely local.

As a result of COVID19, AOL as experienced a catastrophic decline in local funding and has asked for short-term help. Their focus currently, is to provide basic food packages and COVID19 information to the most vulnerable. AOL struggling to do so now.

REACH Worldwide Education will contract with AOL on this short-term initiative and be accountable to RWE for appropriate and authorized expenditures. We will be filming the project using local resources so that you can see exactly how your contribution is affecting their lives.

For more information on this project – COVID19 – interim appeal

For more information about AOL.

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