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REAson d'etre dance productions

Registered Name: Reason d'être Dance Productions

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$500 Matching challenge for "Dancing After TEN" graphic memoir by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Help us make $500 into $1000. If REAson d'etre dance productions can raise $500 towards the "Dancing After TEN" graphic memoir and the "Dancing with the Universe" dance-theatre production before the end of the year, a donor has agreed to match this amount. So $500 will become $1000!

"Dancing After TEN"  and "Dancing with the Universe" Project Description"Dancing After TEN" is a graphic memoir telling the life-story of Vivian Chong, who suffered a rare reaction to over the counter pain medication, which caused severe burns both externally and internally. Near-death, she was in a coma for two months. When she was revived, she could not see clearly. With deteriorating sight, she was driven to complete a graphic memoir. With her head an inch from the paper she drew and drew. Vivian completed 100 pages before sight loss prevented her from drawing further. She tucked her graphic memoir away on a shelf, leaving it for twelve years. 

Vivian started working with choreographer Kathleen Rea on the dance-theatre production "Dancing With the Universe". This production will tell Vivian's life story through dance, text, music, and song. As part of their research, Vivian showed Kathleen the first draft of her graphic memoirs. inspired by the images Kathleen asked Vivian if she wanted to complete the novel.  After much searching, Kathleen and Vivian found Georgia Webber, a comics artist, known for her critically acclaimed graphic memoir, Dumb: Living without a Voice, who is collaborating with Vivian to finish the book. 

Kathleen and Vivian will launch their dance-theatre show, "Dancing with the Universe", in April 2020. The legendary Fantagraphics Books has agreed to publish "Dancing AFter TEN" in tandem with the show launch. Funds raised will go towards artists involved in both projects.Why Donate?

The main reason is that its an amazing double project but there are other reasons as well. In order for REAson d'etre to continue to be viable for operation funding, we need to show that each year we can fundraise a portion of our budget. They are not looking just amount raised but for a number of donors to demonstrate that the company has community support. REAson d'etre dance productions services the Toronto contact community and to a certain extent the global commuting through the Wed Dance Jam, The Contact Dance International Film Festival, Workshops, Community Performance Nights, Creative Residencies and the EVERY BODY Can Dance jam. We reach out once a year for direct donations and run one to two fundraising events in a fiscal year. So this is our once a year reach out for direct donations for our 2091/2020 fiscal year. If as a community each person donates $5 to $10 (or more if you are able) then we will easily reach our goal of $500 and receive the matching $500, reach our support metrics needed to be viable for operation funding and you can feel good knowing you are supporting a great project. You can donate anonymously or have your name on the donators list. Please consider donating some time before the end of the 2019 year.

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