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REAson d'etre dance productions

Registered Name: Reason d'être Dance Productions

Business Number: 842034654RR0001

Men's Circle

Campaign Ended June 30, 2018

We dreamt big and made Men's Circle, a 90-minute critically acclaimed dance-theatre play.

"nothing can prepare the viewer for the gradual elegance and intense poignancy that evolves... The vulnerability we are often taught to erase in men is fully realized throughout..." Bateman Reviews

"The characters are drawn with sharp and clear strokes, and the performers bring them to identifiable and vivid life. We care about all of them and struggle with them to be better, to heal and to grow. The sessions have a raw improvised feel to them, as they would in real life. They are punctuated by Rea's choreography, as the dancers express body releasing, liberation and healing. The music, especially the violin and piano played on stage live by Natterer and Nakhaei, provides punctuation dramatically and is lively and beautiful." EviDance

Our box office was not what we expected. We are raising $6000, between now and our June 30 year-end, to help cover the cost of the production so that we can keep our doors open

In 2017 REAson d'etre dance productions:

- provided dance education for over 1000 people

- produced over 100 class

- produced over 60 dance jams

- hired over 25 musicians

- hired over 20 teachers

- hired over 20 dancers

- produced 3 community performance nights

- screened over 50 films as part of the Contac Dance International Film Festival

- given out over 50 training scholarships to those in need

- created over 100 volunteer performance opportunities for every-day people

- produced Men's Circle, a critically acclaimed dance-theatre play about a men's in a therapy group

- produced a nature retreat focusing on functional movement and injury rehab

- co-produced 2 woman's jam

- co-produced 4 accessible dance jams

Help us continue to enliven and draw together community through the arts.

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