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Youth in Philanthropy, Red Deer

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Youth in Philanthropy gives students a first-hand glimpse of the wide variety of services provided by charities and programs within their community.  As a group they face the challenges of team work and decision making while learning the ins and outs of grant making, fund development and the importance of philanthropy.

Each participating school is given $500 to create and deliver small grants to local registered charities. To do this, the students must develop a committee, take on leadership roles and understand the methodology behind grant making.

The committees are guided through the process of determining an area of focus and setting criteria for their grant dollars. (Grants will be no lower than $100 and no higher than $250). After site visits, interviews and cohesive decision making, the committee will experience philanthropy first-hand when they present cheques to the grant recipients.

While the act of giving is a substantially paramount life skill, so is the act of preparing for the future. As part of the Youth in Philanthropy program, students are asked to raise $250 to feed back into the Youth in Philanthropy Endowment Fund in order to ensure students in the future are given the same hands-on opportunity they have been granted. Participants are taught philanthropy is more than making charitable choices by giving monetary gifts, but rather, it is the act of strategic thought and preparation to ensure the ability to grant is sustainable and perpetual.

Not only will participants learn the value of philanthropy through grant-making, they will develop relationships with individuals throughout the non-profit and volunteer sector, opening the doors of opportunity in their future.

Every dollar you donate gets goes into community charities! By making your charitable donation through Youth in Philanthropy, our youth will learn the importance of social awareness, partnerships, and personal responsibility - and take those virtues with them through their adolescence and into adulthood.

We are building tomorrow’s philanthropists today.


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