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Save the July Dogs!

Registered Name: Redemption Paws

Business No: 795539311RR0001

Save the July Dogs!

UPDATE July 4: Due to the AMAZING response of our supporters we are able to do an extra transport to save an additional 25 dogs! Our fundraising goal has been increased to meet this need!

WE ARE FACING LAST CALLS 🚨 Please rally together to save the lives of these dogs and cats! Please donate: as a family, with your work colleagues, or give a loved one the gift of sponsoring a dog in their name. We are pleading for help. If you’ve ever considered getting involved, now is the time to save a life! A $300 Redemption Ride sponsorship pays for the intake vetting and transport for one animal.

>> Note: campaign numbers are manually updated: $15,281.00 as of July 12, 2024 10:22 AM