Restoring Hope Ministries

Registered Name: Restoring Hope Ministries

Business Number: 847605847RR0001

Raising The Door

Restoring Hope Ministries is appealing to help raise the door at First Baptist Church where the overnight youth care centre takes place.  The exterior door that is primarily used by the youth to access the shelter space during the evenings is in great need of repair.  The door no longer latches effectively, which is a safety and security concern for the youth as well as staff and volunteers working at the shelter as anyone of moderate strength would now be able to force the door open with a little effort. 

First Baptist Church is a beautiful heritage building in downtown Ottawa, which means replacement of anything outward facing must maintain certain characteristics associated with the heritage status of the building.  The aim is to have the door replaced before the winter season.  Please consider donating to this important cause.

$2,208 raised out of $13,000 goal

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