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Regional Animal Protection Society

Registered Name: Regional Animal Protection Society

Business Number: 890733777RR0001

Capital Campaign

Campaign Ended March 15, 2018

RAPS is launching the Regional Animal Hospital, a state-of-the-art, community-supported, non-profit veterinary facility. The Regional Animal Hospital will be the first in Canada to support animal sanctuaries, animal shelters and foster programs.

We hope to raise $2 million through thousands of individual donations to create this social enterprise Regional Animal Hospital.



  • Eliminate substantial external veterinary costs
  • Reduce costs for medications by purchasing wholesale
  • Increase capacity for spaying and neutering
  • Incentivize animal adoptions through provision of reduced-cost veterinary care
  • Generate revenue through the delivery of public, veterinary care
  • Support RAPS’ entire spectrum of animal care services and programs through revenue-generation
  • Codify best practices in social enterprise animal hospitals and share knowledge with other NO-KILL animal-serving organizations
  • Develop a social enterprise that ensures RAPS’ permanent financial sustainability
  • Enhance veterinary care and animal food bank services to companion animals of people with low-incomes
  • Grow RAPS Cat Sanctuary and open a new Dog Sanctuary
  • Expand RAPS’ foster program
  • Enable the replication of the RAPS Model by NO-KILL animal-serving agencies across Canada and elsewhere
  • Create a replicable template for NO-KILL animal care that can be shared globally
  • Model and accredit new benchmark standards in integrated NO-KILL animal protection, care, wellness, fostering and adoption.

Please join us in this community campaign. When you give, they live!

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