The Bateman Foundation

Registered Name: The Bateman Foundation

Business Number: 846937688RR0001

The Bateman Foundation runs the Robert Bateman Centre, a facility to house and preserve Robert Bateman’s legacy, and a multi-purpose meeting place for collaboration, creative thinking, and networking about in-nature education initiatives.  We have a mandate to establish and maintain an art museum that conserves, enhances, and makes public a cultural legacy of art that creates dialogue, and inspires action, about the preservation and sustainability of the natural environment and our interdependence with nature.

The Bateman Foundation is working on several initiatives that inspire children to get out into nature.  

We believe:

  • Nature is magic

  • All people have the right to access nature

  • Exposure to nature is essential for our health and the health of the planet

  • Every child should have the right to unstructured play in nature

  • Nature is an infinite source of reason, imagination, and invention

What People Are Saying

"I’m on fire about getting kids to get out into nature. They have less obesity, less attention deficit disorder, less depression, less suicide, less drug abuse, less alcohol abuse, less bullying, and higher marks. It’s an absolute blessing what nature is still doing for us….nature is magic."

— Robert Bateman

"The morning at Bateman Centre was excellent…the sheer gorgeous quality of work and Robert's careful attention to his subject is magnetic. I think the gallery will really inspire these students. "

— Mark Brown, Monterey School

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