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Roots Community Services Inc.


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RootsCS LAMP Campaign 2019

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Light a LAMP, Brighten Someone's Life

LAMP Campaign – Leadership, Arts & Mental-wellness Programs

At Roots Community Services we offer programs for children who strive for better grades, youth who want to become strong leaders of tomorrow, women who are looking for a fresh start from an abusive situation, parents who find it difficult to reach their children, and seniors who want to live healthy and peaceful lives.

By lighting a LAMP you will help provide a child with individualized tutoring, literacy and life-skills training and a safe space to dream big. For two days each week, children from ages 6 to 13 are provided with one-on-one tutoring and assistance in subjects they are struggling with in school through our Arts, Literacy & Tutoring Club.

By lighting a LAMP you will help our beloved seniors fight the feelings of loneliness and isolation that affect their mental health. Each week, our Healthy, Active & Wise Seniors meet to dine and fellowship with each other, participate in activities to keep them fit, expand their knowledge and have fun. For those who find it difficult to leave their homes, we provide a listening ear and words of comfort through security checks and friendly visits.

By Lighting a LAMP you will help a woman find her voice, gain her confidence and find safety for herself and her child from an abusive situation. Through our Fresh Start for Women program you may also help her partner understand the pain she and the children are going through and make changes that will keep the family together. We counsel women and their dependent children who are suffering the effects of domestic abuse. We also counsel men who acknowledge their role in the abuse.

By Lighting a LAMP you will help families stay together. Our Building Healthy Families program provides counselling for parents who find it difficult to cope with their children, providing them with the support they need to make positive choices and build positive relationships.

So we ask you to donate as little as $25 to light a LAMP and brighten someone's life! How many LAMPs will you light? Join with us to help brighten our community. You can choose which program you want to support or you may want to donate generally to the campaign.

It takes $25 to light a LAMP and brighten the path for someone who is travelling in the dark. However, we welcome any donation you make to our campaign and value your contribution to the work we do to uplift our community. And you will get a tax receipt for a donation of $20 or more.

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