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Registered Name: ROSALIE HALL

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Help Us Build a Natural Playground

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

The playground on our property is used every day by the children in our Child Development Centre and after-hours, the space is used by our young parents and their babies. Our playground is 28 years old and has been repaired many times and it no longer meets the needs of our young families.

We intentionally chose to build a natural playground because many of the children in our daycare live in apartment buildings. They have limited space to be able to play and interact with nature. We wanted to provide a space where children could explore and be curious in a natural environment while still being safe and protected. This type of exploration is critical to the proper physical and mental development of toddlers and kindergartners.

We also believe that the experience of climbing on logs, playing in the sand and running in the grass will shape the way these children think about the world as they grow up. They will feel more inclined to care for and nurture the natural world if they've had positive experiences in their childhood. 

We have already raised enough money to start Phase 1 of the project: the infant/ toddler playground! We are now raising money for Phase 2: the playground space for children 3 years old and up.

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