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75% of Female Human Trafficking Victims are under the age of 18. In the past 6 months, 41 young girls have been lured into Human Trafficking in Durham Region. This isn't an issue over there, it's an imminent danger right here in our own town. This is about our kids and our schools. They target girls as young as 12, rich or poor, smart or sporty. What's exploited is the one thing ever teen has; insecurities. So rather than let teens be targets, we are training them to be advocates. They're now careful of what they type or see online, campaigning to create awareness and fundraising to provide rehabilitation for victims. We're looking for supporters who will stand with teens and say "Not In My Town".

What Does $50,000 accomplish

It provides 6 months of safe housing for 6 girls to be fully engaged in counselling, creative therapy and job training.  

How else can I help

Awareness comes from changing a hidden problem into a visible solution. Display your participation and solidarity in your home or workplace with a poster or magnet. Leave your address below with your donation and we'll have a poster and magnet sent to you.

Why are teenagers the ones campaigning

Since teens are the main target and most vulnerable to Human Trafficking they need to be made aware for their own safety, but this is not enough! Teens can also be the most powerful resource for ending Human Trafficking. When given a cause that effects their peers and empowers their voice our whole community can be changed. How is this Jesus' response to Human Trafficking? Jesus' came bringing good news of the Kingdom of God coming to man. He came to rescue humanity from their self-damaging susceptibility to sin. He demonstrated and taught a care for the outcast and victims of this world and started the Church to continue this ministry. The Churches response is founded and resourced by this good news message through both generosity and awareness of hope. "