Gregg Bamford - Sanctum Survivor 2018

Gregg Bamford's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2018 - The 36 HourChallenge

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The reason I've chosen to be part of this event is because I believe as a city that keeps growing we become even more distant from each other. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I feel very lucky to call Katelyn Roberts my friend and we have had many conversations in what changes we need to see in this city. Sanctum is a refuge for its tenants and the first place most of these people have ever called home.

  I want to gain a better understanding of the challenges and complexities of those who have not been given the same privileges in life as I have.   I recognize that this is only 36hrs and it could never accurately depict the many barriers and complex issues faced by persons who must survive daily in poverty. However, I do believe that by participating in this event I will help raise awareness to some of the many challenges faced by this population which I hope will be a catalyst for change in this community. 

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