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Morris Markentin - Sanctum Survivor 2018

Dr. Morris Markentin's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2018 - The 36 HourChallenge

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This will be my 3rd year participating as a survivor. I am doing a threepeat because I think it is important to have a Sanctum Board member in the fundraiser because we are asking others to jump in far outside their comfort zone - Sanctum Care Group is very appreciative of this and needs to ante up to the table. Every year I learn something new and I hope that with each lesson it makes me a better physician and caregiver to this vulnerable invisible population. I hope it also makes me a better advocate for those Sanctum serves.

 The homeless in our city are an invisible minority, combined with those who are also suffering from HIV we need to bring awareness and support to those who need it most. Sanctum’s mission not only exists to help those in need but also to bring a positive light to an area that for so long has been dark and scary - it is my hope that Sanctum 1.5 can be a positive influence in this much needed area.