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Kurt Dahl

Kurt Dahl's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2019: The 36 Hour Challenge

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My name is Kurt Dahl and I’m honored to be a part of this year’s Sanctum Survivor. I’ve lived in Saskatoon most of my life and I love this city. I am lucky to have two passions that also double as careers: entertainment lawyer and musician in One Bad Son. The latter has taken me around the world playing music and pursuing my dreams, and the former allows me to help others do the same. I am currently the president of SaskMusic and sit on the advisory council for the University of Saskatchewan College of Law.

I’m excited and passionate about being part of Sanctum Survivor because I believe that a community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members, and I want to use my voice to make my community stronger.