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Todd Denzin

Todd Denzin's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2019: The 36 Hour Challenge

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Todd was born and raised in Saskatchewan where he grew up on the family farm near Tregarva. He graduated with a BSA in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan in 1991 and has worked his entire thirty year career in Agribusiness.  Todd is currently Vice President, Commercial, Potash based in Saskatoon. He and his team are currently responsible for Nutrien’s potash commercial activities in North America and offshore.

 “I recently relocated back to Saskatchewan and to Saskatoon. When I heard about Sanctum Survivor, I immediately wanted to participate because it is a great opportunity to raise awareness and gain real perspective by 'walking in another person's shoes' and experience, if even for only a short while, the challenges and struggles so many good people in our community face every day.”