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Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2020: The 36 Hour Challenge

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Campaign Ends June 6, 2020

Charlie is a father of three, has been active in our community since calling this place home, and currently serves as the Mayor of Saskatoon. He was elected with a mandate to make Saskatoon the city that gets it right—on planning for growth, creating economic opportunities, and improving safety and quality of life for residents. Charlie is committed to building a community where people see each other’s strengths instead of differences, where families can thrive, and where children are able to see a future for themselves.

"Everyone deserves to be safe and to be supported in our community—a value that I bring to all of my decision making and all of the meetings I attend. As Mayor of Saskatoon, I want not only to raise awareness about these issues, but also to gain a better understanding of these day-to-day realities. I hope that by participating, I can help to create a stronger Saskatoon that is more compassionate to all of the people who live here."