Mark Arcand

Mark Arcand's fundraiser supporting Sanctum Care Group Inc. in Sanctum Survivor 2020: The 36 Hour Challenge

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Mark is a band member of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation where he grew up for his entire youth and was raised by his great grandparents. In 2013 Mark was elected to the Saskatoon Tribal Council as Vice Chief and in 2017 Mark Was elected as the Tribal Chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council.

"I have a passion of making a difference in people's lives so they can have a quality of life. I see that in 2020 that they are still many difficult circumstances that are affecting First Nations people. As a First Nation person, we are the fastest growing population in Saskatchewan and we have the potential to be the next generation of the workforce. I believe that supporting change for First Nations people, and all people for that matter, through programs like Sanctum will make the impact that we need to change the economy.”