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Before The Snow Flies

Campaign Ended Dec. 1, 2018

Last January Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre lost our Founder/Director's barn to a fire, this barn had provided winter shelter for hundreds of animals throughout the years. It was difficult to continue to help as many animals as we typically do without the space in the barn. In the hopes to not only recover from the massive loss of the barn, but to also grow by re-purposing some of the space used for storage beside the previous barn.

Help us finish Sue's barn in time for the chilly Winter months when we often use the barn to help house displaced wildlife in need of a place to stay until Spring! We were hoping to have both Sue's barn and the new Aquatic Centre ready for the Winter of 2018. Due to unforeseen circumstances, at this point we have the exterior of both buildings up, but need help completing the project. We are concerned that we will once again face a Winter with reduced space to offer both Sue's rescued farm animals and birds such as swans a safe place to stay. 

We need to generate more financial resources to carry on with this project and have a usable barn by the time the snow flies. #beforethesnowflies

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