Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC)

Registered Name: Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC)

Business Number: 843768607RR0001

Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC), or Basic Health for Communities, is a charity created by the Centre for international cooperation in health and development (CCISD) in order to support developing countries in the implementation of concrete actions and projects that favour the sustainable development and strengthening of communities' access to primary health care services.

Reducing the number of preventable deaths

SBC recognizes that health is central to a community's vitality and development. Making the best of the expertise and positive experiences acquired by CCISD, its parent organization, SBC supports concrete actions that have already proved their effectiveness.

SBC hopes to contribute to reducing maternal and child deaths by supporting the development and strengthening of collective tools, local services or resources that have direct impact on access to health care services in communities and that offer solutions to basic health needs with regards to women, child and adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health, the prevention and care of the leading communicable diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices.

With the launch of its first campaign, $30 for a Healthy Start, SBC will contribute to increasing the number of facility-based deliveries in the Artibonite Department, in Haiti, by providing birth kits to women who give birth in a health centre.

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