Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC)

Registered Name: Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC)

Business Number: 843768607RR0001

Santé de base pour les communautés (SBC), or Basic Health for Communities, is a charity created by the Centre for international cooperation in health and development (CCISD) in order to support developing countries in the implementation of concrete actions and projects that favour the sustainable development and strengthening of communities' access to primary health care services.


Support infrastructures

In our countries of intervention, your donation could help provide health centres with:

  • Watering points: people visiting the facilities will have easy access to drinking water
  • Hand washing stations: nurses will be able to wash their hands before and after cleaning a wound
  • Toilets: people will have access to clean and functional toilets
  • Electricity: a solar panel will supply electricity to a delivery room
  • Showers: a woman will be able to shower after giving birth
  • Medical equipment: a doctor will be able to count on a quality ultrasound scanner to monitor pregnancies

Support communities

In our partner communities, your donation could allow us to:

  • Provide tools and training to health workers: members of a community organization will be able to carry out preventive health activities
  • Build capacities of health system managers: a team of managers will be able to improve their knowledge of gender equality
  • Support local health initiatives: existing community projects will be more effective and sustainable
  • Provide coaching to health care providers: nurses will be able to improve the quality of services offered to adolescent girls

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