Save A Family Plan

Registered Name: Save A Family Plan

Business Number: 119141943RR0001

2018 Kerala Floods

Save A Family Plan (SAFP) has more than 37 partner organizations on the ground in Kerala, India. SAFP is providing long term sustainable rehabilitation to families who were impacted by the excessive flooding and to those living in extreme poverty. Currently we are accepting donations through our Natural Disaster Fund to provide the support required to assist families in rebuilding their homes- and their lives- in the aftermath of this calamity. 

Our Family Development Program provides families with the opportunity to establish an income generation project- with six years of financial support- leading to self-sufficiency. Our local staff work along side families enabling them to identify poverty-related problems, learn skills to resolve issues and access local resources that are available to them.

Our Community Development Program provides quality housing, education opportunities and specific projects that identify and address the unique needs of various villages throughout India. Development sectors include economic growth, food security, health and hygiene, gender equality, youth empowerment, care of the environment and governance.Save A Family Plan has been working together with the poor and marginalized in India for more than 50 years providing families with the means and opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their children.