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Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Registered Name: Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

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SCHC Food Fight Against Hunger

Campaign Ended Sept. 14, 2019

Close to 800 people (1 per family) line up twice weekly at the SCHC Food Bank.  The Mendosa's have three school age children and find the summertime harder because the children don't have the usual breakfast school program to get that healthy start to the day.  Mom is self-employed and has less time to generate an income because day care is too cost prohibitive and she has to stay home and look after the kids.  70% of their income goes to paying rent.  So, they are having to choose between paying the hydro bill and buying food on a regular basis.  So, Mom packs up the kids and lines up at the Food Bank to get staples to keep her children fed. 

But, as with every summer, the food donations dry up.  Other families are away on vacations and busy with their children, so don't remember to do their monthly contribution.  The shelves on the food bank are extremely bare and only 500 of the people lined up actually get what they need.

 Did you know that more than 1700 families access the SCHC Food Bank annually?  Our Food Bank is located in the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park neighbourhood, which is one of the most impoverished areas in Scarborough.  57.8% of this community are visible minorities and 28% of families are lone female parents.  39.8% of Children under 6 are in the low income measure (after tax) bracket. Poverty, cultural differences, language, housing and other barriers contribute to low health indicators for this neighbourhood. 

You can help make a difference in their lives and many others with a donation of ANY amount.  Donating $25 off your monthly pay is less than buying yourself a cup of coffee daily but will add up to a significant gift to the cause.  It can provide for 1 family of 4 to visit the food bank every week or have a satisfying hot meal weekly. So please join us in helping SCHC deliver on our promises to nourish the less fortunate in our community.

SCHC Food Bank programs provide nutritious food and meals to over4070 vulnerable children, youth, seniors, adults and many who live with disability and chronic poverty in Scarborough. Food insecure households are at increased risk of poor social, mental and physical health, chronic diseases and nutrition inadequacies.  Sadly, children may experience long term health impacts and decreased school performance related to lack of basic nutrition. These families regularly experience many barriers when attempting to access supports and programs for the improvement of their economic, mental, social and physical well-being.

Self-referral for the Food Bank opens the door for consultation with intakeworkers to refer out to other SCHC programs including housing, primary care, financial assistance with Income tax, and the whole range of 38 programs designed to address fundamental holistic health needs.

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