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HELLOOO EVERYBODY!! Jubba is my name and happiness is my game! I am 140lbs of burnin', stubborn, slobbery love comin' atcha! If you need a friend to support for the 2020 Tails on the Trails "Paws-a-thon" look no further than Jubba. Send me your money, so Team Jubba can win and show everyone that dogs are the best, with a win two years in a row! Trust me, you do not want to vote for Team Puss Puss. She is not a nice girl! Take it from me, I still have the scratches on my nose to prove it. She says she has many faces, but believe Jubba, the only one she has is her "I'll rip your face off" face! I am Jubba, and I am your man. A vote for Jubba is a  vote for a good doggie. Thanks friends!
P.S. - You gonna eat that?