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❄ Holiday Gift Guide ❄

Campaign Ended Jan. 9, 2020

It’s that wonderful time of the year again; a time when many of us come together with our loved ones, enjoying family dinners and celebrating with friends. Yet for many in our community, this holiday season can feel lonely.

For over four million of Canada’s seniors, children, and individuals experiencing hunger, this season of togetherness and warmth can feel dark and empty. With our holiday gift guide your gifts can shine a light and bring warmth and comfort to those who need it most.

❄Here are 6 powerful ways to share warmth and joy this Holiday Season❄:

🎁Your gift of $25 will deliver over 50 healthy meals to people experiencing hunger this holiday season.

🎁Your gift of $50 will ensure that 100 people receive a warm and comforting meal at a drop-in centre this winter.

🎁Your gift of $100 will ensure the environmental equivalent of 30 healthy Fir trees capturing harmful greenhouse gases for a year.

🎁Your gift of $250 will ensure that over 500 individuals have access to fresh and healthy food this holiday season.

🎁Your gift of $500 will ensure that 50 children receive a fresh and healthy meal at school for the month of December.

🎁Your gift of $1000 will provide 6 families of four, the chance to gather around their dining tables each day and enjoy a comforting meal throughout the winter.

            On behalf of our agency partners, and those that they serve - thank you for your support!

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