Seniors Secret Service


Business Number: 894375666RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals 60 years or older who are alone or isolated in the community.

About Seniors Secret Service

We are a volunteer based non-profit organization that has been providing cheer to isolated and lonely seniors since 1985.  We currently operate three programs, two of which operate year round.

Christmas Cheer:

In 2018 over 5200 isolated seniors were matched with volunteer Secret Santas.  We provide the Secret Santa with a seniors profile, they go shopping and purchase needed items for the senior and then return it to us to be delivered back out to the partner agency.   We work with 135 different partner groups in the city as well as the surrounding rural communities who provide us with lists of names of isolated seniors, as well as gift suggestions for the Secret Santa to shop for.  Our seniors live in a range of different housing from independent living up to 24 hour care facilities.

 This program continues to grow and we have seen a 15% increase over last year.  It is important to note that for many of our seniors this is the only opportunity they have during the year to access new clothes, shoes and personal items as well to hopefully receive a little something that brightens their day.

 Birthday Cheer:

The goal of the program is to extend the spirit of giving year round, in an effort to brighten the lives and improve the spirits of isolated senior citizens.   This program differs from the Christmas program in that all of the gifts are purchased by Seniors Secret Service and everyone receives the same gift.  The gifts are assembled by volunteers at the monthly Birthday Bee and are then delivered by staff and volunteers to the appropriate care facilities/partner agencies where they are distributed at the appropriate time.

 Each participating senior receives a gift bag made up of a combination of toiletry items such as shampoo and toothpaste as well as a treat such as chocolates and puzzle books and a personalized handmade card.  Those seniors over the age of 100 receive a few additional gifts to help recognize their special birthdays.  The average cost of a birthday gift is $20. We anticipate providing over 3200 birthday gifts to isolated seniors in 2018.

Emergency Care:

We launched this pilot program in 2016 to serve the needs of isolated seniors who require support with basic necessities upon entering the hospital or a long term care facility.   Seniors often show up in their pyjamas and have nobody to bring them needed items. 

 Each senior will receive basic essentials that would include:  a basic clothing/shoe package as well as a toiletry kit that is appropriate to the seniors needs.  We will also include something such as a handmade thinking of you card or art from school kids to brighten their room and let the senior know that someone cares about their welfare.  The cost for this program will for the most part be covered by donations made to Seniors Secret Service.   We anticipate a long term stay package will cost approximately $300 per senior.   


At this time we receive no government funding with the exception of a casino fundraiser held every 18 months.  We do not receive funding through the United Way.   All of our funds come from corporate, individual and foundation donors.  Our annual budget is approximately $185,000.


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