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Registered Name: Reset Society of Calgary

Business Number: 898215884RR0001

Replenish, Renew & RESET

Campaign Ended Jan. 30, 2019
When women come to RESET Society of Calgary, they have often forgotten how to dream. We have partnered with Temper + Lace, a High River, Alberta company to share their expertise on building a business and collaborate with the women to create natural candles and essential oils.
Our first product, a candle aptly named replenish, renew, RESET features a lovely blend of lemongrass, white grapefruit, and Sicilian mandarin essential oils. This blend was created with the women of RESET Society of Calgary - through a hands on workshop and training session as part of our Life-Skills Classroom programming. Five dollars from the sale of this limited edition candle goes back to RESET Society.
With your support, we can continue this collaboration with Temper + Lace, to expand the women's knowledge of small business operations and fuel their creativity with development of additional products. The founder of Temper + Lace provides an excellent mentor and role model for the women, and helps them dream big when thinking about rebuilding their lives.
RESET Society provides immediate and safe supportive housing allowing women to stabilize and begin the process of healing, and supports each woman’s progress through transitional housing to independent living as the women graduate through the EXIT Program.
There is a way out. 

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