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Combating Malnutrition & Hunger @ Attapady, Kerala, India

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WHAT : Fund, Setup &  Support Vegetable Gardens for 100 Tribal families, to help combat Malnutrition & Hunger.

WHERE: Attapady,  Kerala, India ; SELECTED VILLAGES: Daivkundu, Dundoor, Manthimala, Vandanpara

Partenering NGO : Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission, Attapady. India


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life they way we have known it be. One of the areas this pandemic has highlighted is the hunger & exposure among marginalized and under-privileged due to slow down and shut down of the economy. Hence the importance of bringing about more self-reliance to their food supplies, while also providing them with nutritious food to enhance their immune systems. This project aims to do both for 100 families for starters, in remote tribal communities of Attapady, in the province of Kerala, India. 

In 2018, Anjana Rajendran of University of British Columbia and Shefali Panicker of Western University spent a month serving and working among the remote tribal communities of Attapady, in Kerala, India. This was part of the Kerala Hindus of North America Youth Internship program (now in its 4th year) in partnership with Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission, Attapady, Kerala. Click Here to view their internship report.

One of the areas of work there was on the prevalent Malnutrition among Tribal communities in this area. They found that their food was mostly devoid of essential nutrients and malnutrition. They also found that birth defects and poor maternal health continue to afflict these tribal communities. The infant death toll was 14 in 2017 alone. Additionally they found a majority of the tribal families had not engaged in agriculture on their own land for last 5-10 years. This coupled with poverty led them to without access to a balanced diet. In some cases often leading to starvation. 


Inspired by the work of these KHNA Youth interns, in Attapady in 2018 and another development project done by past interns (2017-18),  Sewa Canada International Aid Inc , a registered charity organization with a track record of approximately 30 years in serving the world, in partnership Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission (SVMM), Attapady, is embarking on a project to make a difference in this area. The project will raise the required funds and provide expertise/guidance to help 100 Tribal families overcome malnutrition, by growing their own vegetable gardens

Costs to train families, help them prepare their land, provide suitable seeds, help prepare compost, pest prevention, fencing of their garden, periodical monitoring & evaluation by trained personnel amounts to approximately CAD $70 per garden per tribal family. This is a one time cost per family, with the intent that families will be self-reliant in the subsequent years.

Your donation of $70 will help one tribal family become self-reliant in their fight to stave away hunger, combat malnutrition and fund the support services required for this is Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission. Together we  are looking at raising $7000 to better the lives of 100 families. Better nutrition means improved maternal health and better nourished children in these communities.

All donations will receive a tax receipt are tax deductible in Canada.

Other benefits to the community:

  • Improves skills of growing fresh organic vegetables without use of pesticides.
  • Provides expertise/techniques including quality seedling, potted plants - for summer & winter.
  • Encourages farming in the community.
  • Helps the environment.


Identification of 100 families: 

  • SVMM will identify 100 tribal families in the above mentioned 4 villages.
  • Focus will be on families who are the most impacted by poverty and malnutrition.
  • The gardens will be set up on small patches of land around the houses and vacant lots.
  • The vegetable garden will be watered using the waste water from kitchen and other domestic utilities.
  • The manure for the garden will be generated from kitchen waste and output from poultry and cattle.


Training to selected tribal families:

    • on creating awareness about the importance of this project.
    • Methods of cultivation.
    • Preparation of compost
    • Pest control

Preparing soil for kitchen garden & building a fence around the garden.

Distribution of appropriate seeds and plants for selected families.

Monitoring & Evaluation of each garden with twice a month site visits, feedback and corrective measures, if required.

The selected vegetables for this project are Chilli, Bitter Gourd, Okra, Beans, Brinjal (Eggplants),Pumpkin, Tomato, Drumstick leaves, Amaranth.

For more details on project timelines please visit Sewa Canada International Aid Inc.

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