Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Registered Name: Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Business Number: 835493131RR0001

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge - Critical Care Unit and Pen Extensions

Campaign Ends Nov. 30, 2020

Shades of Hope is a registered Canadian charity, a very busy wildlife rehabilitation refuge, a certified wildlife hospital and a teaching facility,  that is on track to receive 6,000 patients this year. To better care for this large volume of patients, we are in need of some renovations and we are asking for your help.  Our facility is completely dependent on caring donors and dedicated volunteers to do what is needed to give our wildlife a second chance at life and freedom.  Please take a moment to consider our plan.  Anything you can do to help, will assist us in moving forward with this project and will ease suffering and save lives.  We can only do this..........together.

Critical Care Unit:

  A quiet space for our critical patients and post-surgery recovery will help those most vulnerable to recover without the added stress of the activity in the rest of the adult care building and will allow our team to better address their needs.  Our plan is to renovate a section of this building to include space for large incubators and oxygen chambers to house patients requiring IV fluids and other life-saving intensive care.  This space will also include our lab for bloodwork and fecal analysis.

Outside Pen extensions:

We are planning to extend our inside pens to include safe outside exercise areas for patients to get some fresh air during the time they are still too ill to go to the outside enclosures.  Having access to these exercise areas will reduce the level of stress they experience when staff is cleaning their pens, and will also enable them to receive important UV light and fresh air – all important to their healing. 

$4,680 raised out of $60,000 goal

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