Shamrock Children's Christmas Society

Registered Name: The Shamrock Children's Christmas Society

Business Number: 837238823RR0001

The Shamrock Children`s Christmas Society Is a non-profit registered charity. Established by hard working Calgarians over 30 years ago!    In the past 15 years, we have supported over 500 families and more than 1500 children, with gifts of toys, clothing, food, Christmas trees and a visit from Santa and his Elves. 2015 was a successful year providing presents, hampers and Christmas Joy for 73 families which included 193 children.

                  How our success is achieved

 Early in the school year, our team of interviewers contact local schools for names of families, who could use a hand up at Christmas. Each family is then interviewed by a volunteer to determine their needs following the guidelines set out by the board of directors.  We supply these families with food hampers, clothing, gifts for the children, Christmas trees, and even a visit from Santa.    

A shopper is assigned for each family and the mission begins! The shoppers flock to the malls of Calgary in search of donations and good deals. The Christmas Tree volunteers arrange to deliver the real or artificial trees according to each families request. The grocery team sorts the food for each family.  On delivery day the volunteers gather to sort and load the gifts for Santa and his Elves deliver.         

  All of this is accomplished through generous donations, from individuals such as yourself!

What People Are Saying

" 2015 Recipient - Thank you for saving our Christmas. Our faith and our hopes you make my son and I feel so cared for and accepted. You have given us so much more than food and gifts. I am so thankful you all have made an imprint on my son, he will e better for it. "

— Anonymous, Read More

" 2015 Recipient - This Christmas Season my family would like to give a special thank you. Each and everyone of you have made this Christmas extra meaning full. My family and I will always remember what you all have done in such time of need. "

— Anonymous

" 2015 Recipient - Thank you so much for putting joy into my children’s hears. We appreciate your generosity. Thank you for making this a beautiful Christmas for my family. Merry Christmas to all of you. "

— Anonymous

" They say the sun can't shine every day and some days you feel it never will and that's how I felt until I saw the sun shinning on the face of my son when the Shamrock Children's Fund brought Christmas to our home. Thank you for letting believe in not giving up! "

— Anonymous

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