Registered Name: Partageons l'espoir (Québec)

Business Number: 876448879RR0001

Food for a family

Help us put healthy food on the table for a family of 4. Your gift of $50 will allow a family to visit our food bank two times per month.

This month, the food boxes for a family of four were full of healthy and local items. They included among others 2 lb of carrots and Quebec potatoes, 6 organic bananas, 1 head of organic cauliflower, 1 Quebec cabbage, 4 peppers, 1 Iceberg lettuce and 5 Quebec tomatoes. A family could also choose 2 L of almond milk, 1 L of fruit juice, 2 loaves of sliced bread (12 grains), a dozen eggs, pasta, a package of brown sugar and various canned goods (tuna, vegetables, legumes, whole tomatoes, etc.)