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Illuminating the Future - Sharon Temple Lantern Restoration


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Visitors almost always ask how many, and families often stop to calculate the number of panes of glass in Sharon Temple's 40 large windows and 12 corner lanterns.What is truly amazing is that more than half of the almost 3000 panes of glass are original. They were imported from Great Britain, probably in barrels of molasses so they would not break, and brought to the site by the Children of Peace in horse-drawn wagons to be carefully installed almost 200 years ago.Unfortunately, the putty which holds the glass panes in place cracks and deteriorates over time to the extent that rain and snow can come through the windows, damaging woodwork and plaster inside.  Since 2007, we have worked to raise the funds and repair these important architectural pieces of the 'Temple of Glass'.  Over the last decade, all but these last 16 windows have been carefully restored by the hands of expert craftspeople. Our hope is to have these last 4 lanterns restored in time for our 100th anniversary in 2018.