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Gift A Food Basket To A Family During COVID-19

Campaign Ends March 2, 2021

A Basket of Hope – A Mother’s Story

For Dina, her most important role was being a mother who could provide for her children. Although she is a single parent, she worked hard to give her children a good and stable life where they had everything they needed and more. But due to COVID-19, she lost her job and everything changed.  

“It seemed like overnight things got really bad,” Dina said. “I had promised myself that I would never depend on anyone to help me care for my children and all of sudden I was struggling to pay the bills and feed my kids. One day, they were hungry, and my cupboards and fridge were practically empty. That was the lowest moment for me.”

While searching the internet for food banks in her area, she came across the Shelley Cares Foundation website and information about their Food Basket Program. She had never wanted to ask for a hand out but Dina knew the situation was beyond her pride.

“This was about feeding my children, and I needed to make sure that they had safe and nutritious food to keep them healthy.”

Dina saw that the program was free and that Shelley Cares Foundation delivered the food baskets directly to clients in need, leaving them at the door to limit physical interaction.

“I made the call to request a free food basket and it was the best decision that I could have made to feed my kids. I spoke with Michelle and she was so kind and caring. The conversation felt like I was getting a hug through the phone and reassurance that I was not a failure as a mother,” Dina said.

Within 48 hours Dina received $150 worth of groceries containing fruits, vegetables, rice, protein, non perishable items and other nutritious snacks.

“I was so happy to get the groceries which included food items that we actually eat. We continue to receive free food every month without having to leave the comfort and safety of home,” Dina said. “Shelley Cares Foundation is helping my family during a time when it’s a challenge to make ends meet. I am grateful for their help and I plan to donate and volunteer with the organization to help other families as soon as I can.”

You can help single parents like Dina, low-income families, senior citizens and developmentally challenged residents who are struggling to put food on their tables!

Donate $50 or more to provide a healthy food basket to someone in need and help us ensure that no one is hungry during these challenging times.

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