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Shining Light Ministries

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Easter Joy

Campaign Ended April 19, 2020

We stopped on the side of the road where there was a lone little shack made out of garbage dump materials and old bricks that looked like they had been through the bombings of WWII. Out came three children half-clothed staring in wonder at who had come to visit. One of the girls, Claudia, wearing a blue under-shirt smiled happily completely comfortable in her innocence. Our hearts reached out to Claudia as her beautiful smile drew us into her world. A world full of hunger – hunger for food and love.

  Over the past several years, Shining Light Ministries has been going to these deprived areas providing humanitarian aid, such as food, clothing, and medicine to thousands of needy children. We have visited several orphanages and refugee camps where many of these abandoned children reside in harsh, subhuman conditions. We have also been able to show them the love of the Father by a simple hug, as many of them are starving for the love and affection of another human being – the simple things that so many of us take for granted.

     In Serbia alone, there are almost 150,000 refugee and highly impoverished children, 7,598 of whom are orphans. According to government data (2014) nearly 80% of children in institutions in Serbia have disabilities. That is up from 62.5% in 2012. The world, through secular media, has lost interest in these children. This problem no longer generates news. Many of these children rummage through garbage dumps in hopes of finding something to eat for themselves and sometimes for their starving families. In Proverbs 19:17 we read, “He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and He will reward him for what he has done.”

God has laid upon our hearts to bring joy to 3,620 orphaned and refugee children in Serbia during the coming Easter. Each package contains personal hygiene items, school items, a little toy and Christian literature. I know you care. I want to encourage you to care for these children’s needs and provide them with joy this Easter. It costs only $35 for a package per child. The total needed for this project is $126,700 to provide joy to 3,620 orphaned and refugee children.  We ask you to consider partnering up with us today by giving any gift you can. Would you ask the Lord to guide you in your decision to support this project?

   Dear friend, the people and especially the children of the Balkans have suffered through a decade of wars and now poverty. Now, in their time of greatest need, we have an opportunity to reach out with God’s love to provide help and hope. Ljiljana and I love children and God has enabled us to help these Balkan children in the past. We need to do it again. Thank you for responding. As the Lord took the five loaves and two fishes and fed a multitude, He can multiply your gifts and help us to feed physically and challenge spiritually thousands of children. I pray you will respond today to God’s prompting to send your most generous gift. A hungry, hurting child is waiting. I am looking forward to hearing from you today.

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