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Home for Pastor Erman

Campaign Ends July 30, 2020

Pastor Erman woke up really early one morning. Upon waking he began reading passages in the Scriptures asking God to guide him as to what to share with the church congregation that day. These people were relying on him to hear about Jesus and learn about the love of God for them from the Bible.

Pastor Erman Salkovic works on the frontlines in Serbia preaching the Gospel to the Roma people; some of the most impoverished people in the Western Balkans. As the warrior God called him to be, he goes out almost every day to do outreach (the lockdown is over in Serbia). In Belgrade alone there are over 100,000 Roma. Most of them live in the slums. With an unemployment rate at 90% these people are not your typical congregation.

They need hope, and that is what Pastor Erman is bringing by preaching and spreading the Gospel to these forgotten people. He’s been ministering to these people since 2002. After obtaining a piece of land for him, at this time, we can build a home for Pastor Erman and his family. The total cost for the shell (foundation, walls and roof) of the house is 47,000 Euros. 29,000 Euros has been already secured, and an additional $18,000 Euros (or $20,000 US) are still needed

Would you consider generously assisting us in this worthwhile project? All donations are tax-deductible when payable to Shining Light Ministries. Ljiljana and I are going to the Western Balkans this summer and we would like to make the purchase of the property at that time, if all the funds become available.

Pastor Erman is a key minister in the Belgrade area (1.37 million population), the capital of the country of Serbia. The reach is limitless, and it’s time for God’s people to take back the city and provide hope to these often forgotten and impoverished people.

In Proverbs 22:9 it says, “He who is generous will be blessed.” (AMP) Please, prayerfully consider helping in this urgent and immediate need. Let us partner with Pastor Erman in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Western Balkans.

3 weeks to go