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Food, Hygiene and Firewood, Project

Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2020

The LORD has laid upon our hearts, to distribute humanitarian aid in the form of food, hygiene, and firewood for 175 families. A basic package of hygiene costs $50, a month’s supply of food per family costs $200 and a winter supply of firewood costs $750 which comes to a total of $1,000 per family. The total needed for the project is $175,000. Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a priority for us, but we also want to also distribute humanitarian aid as a tangible expression of God’s love. During this COVID 19 quite a few people have lost their jobs in North America and have thus reduced or stopped their support for our missions efforts, and yet now it seems the need for food especially is the largest in the Western Balkans, because many there live in utter poverty and have lost even those jobs that they had. The current economic crisis is affecting all of us and especially the people in the Balkans very severely. Poverty of the working poor is also very dire since they often don’t earn enough even to feed themselves and their families.

          In the world today poverty is one of the greatest problems. According to the United Nations nearly half the world’s population, 2.8 billion people have to survive on $2 a day, and another 20 percent of the world’s population or 1.2 billion have to survive on $1 a day. From every 100 children every eighth will not live beyond their fifth birthday. 925 million people do not have enough to eat - more than the combined populations of USA, Canada and the European Union. Women make up a little over half of the world's population, but they account for over 60 percent of the world’s hungry. According to a World Bank report on April 23, 2020, COVID-19 pandemic will push an additional 49 million in extreme poverty this year alone.

          In the Balkans we have met hundreds and thousands of refugee children and families who are struggling to survive. One of such needy families is Bojana and her five children. She lives with her five children in a very small run-down room of only 90 square feet. She does not have running water or toilet in the house. She has no income and depends on any charity that she can get. There is no electricity in her house and she cooks on her wood burning stove when there is wood and when there is food. The children go with her to the garbage dump to find whatever they can find to survive. Has God enabled you to help this family and others like Bojana? I pray that you would pause for a moment, say a prayer and consider what you should do to help Bojana and many needy refugee families like hers. We need to hear from you in order to help this needy mother and her five children. Lay this request before God in prayer and then decide what He will lead you to give for this project. The Apostle Paul encourages Christians to "Walk by faith." (2 Corinthians 5:7). With our faith come the actions of our life. Are you exercising your faith? Today in prayer, come to the Lord in faith and give Him all of you for His glory, and then as God places on your heart, send us your most generous donation today.

For this reason, we are asking you to help out one or more refugee and impoverished families in need in the Balkans at this time. It costs only $200 to provide basic food necessities and another $50 for basic hygiene items and $750 for a winter supply of firewood for one family with children. You might be able to partially sponsor one family with a gift of $50 or $100 or perhaps you could help two families at $2,000; five families at $5,000 or even ten families at $10,000 at this time. We have a goal to distribute 175 most needy families with a total cost for the project of $175,000. Whether you are able to partially help one family or help one or several families it will be greatly appreciated.

          Catherine Marshall said, "Faith is only worthy of the name when it erupts into action." In God’s Word we read: "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:16.

 We invite you to partner in this work of God with your best gift. Maybe you could help us with one or more needy refugee families ($1,000 per family). Maybe you can provide only a portion towards it or maybe you can provide for more than one family. Whatever you are going to do it will make a lifesaving difference. Perhaps God will lead you at this time to take out some of the money that you’ve put aside so that by faith you can sow it in His Kingdom. This will bring glory to God. This is the time to sow into the Kingdom of God.

We are looking forward to hearing from you today,

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