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October Outdoors


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The benefits of spending time in nature are immeasurable.  But our natural world is at risk.  You can combine the best of both – connecting with nature in your community, and acting to protect it simultaneously. 

From October 1st to 31st 2017, join other British Columbians by committing to spending time outdoors. Sign up online, make a commitment to connecting with nature for a certain number of hours during the campaign, and share your experience with friends.   Become a defender of nature and reap the benefits of connecting outdoors by joining our Outdoor October fundraising challenge.

For example, you could bike ride to work, play with your kids outside, walk your dog, meditate in the woods... or anything else you like to do outside. October is a time when the leaves turn golden and the air turns refreshingly crisp. You choose how much time you think you can spend outside from October 1st until Hallowe'en and pledge to spend those hours enjoying nature.

We can help each other accomplish our shared vision and goals. You can become a key player in defending our province by going outside and enjoying nature. Rather than run a marathon, we are asking you to choose an outdoor activity that you enjoy – and make a commitment to do it in October.  The fundraising premise is still the same – you ask your network to support you, and you help raise funds for an important cause:  defending nature and confronting climate change in BC. 

Signing up is easy – here are some simple instructions to guide you through the process in case you have questions.

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