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Fight climate change, make my kid smart, and get me a full night's sleep!

Laura Hope's fundraiser supporting SIERRA CLUB OF BC FOUNDATION in October Outdoors

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Campaign Ends Nov. 1, 2017

For only $1 a day you can fight climate change (and help me sleep better)!

For the 31 days of October, I have committed to taking Marlow on an outdoor adventure every day. Whether it's a walk to feed the neighbour's sheep, a visit to the backyard chickens, a trip to the Beacon Hill petting zoo, or hike around Thetis Lake, I know that we'll both benefit from the time outside. Time outdoors has been shown to form a lifelong connection to nature and have innumerable physical and mental benefits for children.

But what I'm really hoping is that after 31 days of outdoor adventures he'll start sleeping through the night again! 

If I can get 15 people to pledge a dollar for every day we spend outside, I'll hit my fundraising goal and get to support the incredible work Sierra Club BC is doing to defend nature and combat climate change. 

Find out more about the work Sierra Club BC is doing at