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Simone's Cycle to work October!

Sierra Club BC's fundraiser supporting SIERRA CLUB OF BC FOUNDATION in October Outdoors

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This summer in British Columbia has been a wake up call for me to do something about climate change. I hear from friends and family back home in England to say that temperatures have been soaring, which is great if you love to tan! But not great if you live on a floodplain in an area that has experienced flooding due to hurricanes, rising temperatures; because of rapid climate change.

For me climate change becomes real when I think of it as a social justice issue. One of the main reasons that I am attracted to doing something about it is when I think of those who cannot afford rent, who live pay cheque to pay cheque, and who have the most to lose. The poorest people in the world are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We as a society are NOT powerless and by giving money to Sierra Club BC, you can be assured that every cent is going towards combatting climate change, mitigating disaster for the poorest among our communities and further afield, and ultimately we hope to create a more just and sustainable future through the work we do. Support us as we get outside!