Registered Name: SINHA DANSE INC

Business Number: 130940034RR0001

Our Mission

Sinha Danse focuses on the creation of original dance works that integrate contemporary and classical Indian dance, theatre, martial arts, ballet and improvisation.

Sinha Danse promotes cultural diversity and the support of visible minority artists. The company has made it a priority to break down cultural borders through artistic creation and as such, diversifies its productions, creating contemporary works drawing on many inspirations rooted in both western and eastern dance & theatre forms. The work Artistic Director Roger Sinha creates uses the universality of the body to explore cultural harmony and dissonance, and tensions created by the collision of East and West - beautifully expressive mudras (hand gestures) and the rhythmically complex footwork of Indian dance combine with the full body movements of modern, ballet and the martial arts.

About Our Charity

In order to be truer to his cultural roots and to grow artistically, Roger Sinha began a deeper examination of the dance vocabulary of Bharata Natyam, the classical dance style from the south of India. By borrowing movements from Bharata Natyam, contemporary dance and martial arts and integrating them, Roger Sinha created his unique language and special signature.

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