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Sit With Me Rescue

Registered Name: Sit With Me Rescue

Business Number: 835944240RR0001

In memory of a puppy that lost his battle with parvorirus

Campaign Ended Aug. 17, 2019

We are so sorry, little pup.

When we were contacted about you from the vet clinic we knew we would help. We really thought we could make a difference and get you back on your furry little paws.

The clinic staff called us to let us know a little Bernese/lab mix pup had been brought in and was quite flat after battling at home for a couple of days. After a quick test, they discovered you had contracted the parvovirus.  Parvovirus is a highly-contagious viral illness that puppies are quite susceptible to, and it ravages their body. We were not sure if the diagnosis was too late, but we wanted to give you the best shot possible. After all, so many pups had come before you with this same virus and we had helped save their lives, so we were really hopeful. Rescue is so terrible at times though, and we are reminded everyday why helping pups like you is so important even if it causes us tears. Sadly today, this post is not celebratory at all, but instead is going up in your memory to try to educate others so no family or rescue has to face this again. Even if this post reaches one family, and gets them to the vet quickly, your loss will not be for nothing.

Puppies are such vulnerable little beings. They depend on us to do a multitude of things for them and one of those VERY important things is to ensure they are on a vaccination schedule and that they have built up their immunity before going to dog parks, or dog-populated public places. Everyone is told to socialize puppies and that too is quite important, but puppies need to be socialized safely, with precautions in place. Parvovirus can live on surfaces for up to a year and can easily transfer to vulnerable dogs, including adults, who are not protected through vaccinations. It acts quickly as well, and even waiting a day before getting to the vet can mean death for a healthy pup.

Symptoms include: bloody diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, fever, vomiting and immediate weight loss. Do not wait to get your pup to the vet if they have any of these symptoms and be sure to call ahead to warn the clinic of the suspicion of parvo so they can protect other dogs at the clinic too.

We did our best, attacking the virus with all we had, but your body was too weak and on Monday, you passed away. We are left broken hearted and while we had hoped to fundraise for you with a happy post, we are instead posting this educational post and fundraising in your memory.

We wish you could have had a long and happy life.  We know we were ready to give that to you.


The outstanding vet bill is $3681.72.  If you are in the position to help, we would very much appreciate your support. 

We will see you again at the rainbow bridge, little pup.

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