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Mikey's Legacy: Campaign of Kindness 2019

Sit With Me Rescue

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Campaign Ends March 25, 2019
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Runs from: February 1st - March 22nd 2019 (you can submit funds until the 25th)
Location: Starts from the goodness of your heart and can be done from anywhere!
Supporting Applications: Sign up on as an individual or as a team! 
The 2019 Mikey's Campaign of Kindness is back (as those fun annual events tend to do)! 
Mikey was a lab mix puppy left at the shelter with his siblings.  He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and by all counts should not have been alive.  But there he was, the little champion, defying the odds.  He lived and loved for months past all of our expectations.  His costs were going to be high, but this little pup deserved a chance so we began to search for a fundraising idea that also reflected Mikey's sweet soul.  One of our supporters suggested doing good things and collecting donations from friends a family to help Mikey.  We loved this idea of a do-kind-things-a-thon and nicknamed it a Campaign of Kindness, and that year, we were able to cover Mikey's costs and help other urgent special needs dogs too!
Mikey is no longer with us, and while his life was too short, it was still filled with love.  And in his memory, we continue to celebrate him by fundraising in this unique way that is true to the way he lived his life: to inspire others.
So what is Mikey's Campaign of Kindness?
It's a fundraiser to help special needs dogs that come into Sit With Me Rescue's care.  The idea is that you do kind things and let others know and then ask for a pledge to your campaign.  This is like a walk-a-thon, but instead, it's a do-kind-things-a-thon!
Think about the things you are good at (maybe baking cookies? or gardening?) or think about the needs of your family and friends (babysit for an evening? or help tidy up and organize a room?).  Create your Campaign of Kindness fundraising page online through CanadaHelps and refer people to it to make a donation to your campaign.   The people you ask to support you could be anyone, not just the recipient of the kindness!  The hope is that while raising funds, you are also raising your kindness levels in the world!   And lately, we are pretty sure the world would appreciate it!
Some fun previous year ideas:  Plan a movie night and provide snacks for friends!  Bring lunch to work for co-workers! Help a friend organize or decorate a room!  Have friends over and teach them how to make an awesome vegan meal! 
Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun and being kind! Truly, no act is too small because every donation helps.  We have plenty of ideas and we are happy to set you up with some!  After you sign up on CanadaHelps, you have until March 15th, 2019, to complete your acts of kindness and collect donations towards your kindness campaign goal.  

How you choose to raise this money is entirely up to you (you must do it legally of course and be safe!). But we can tell you this: there will be prizes!  We will have some prizes for each tier you reach in your fundraising efforts ($100 in funds raised, then $250, $500 and $1000 too)! There will be Sit With Me gear, as well as prizes from sponsors and donors who also believe in kindness!

If you are joining as an individual, you click on "join as an individual participant".  Why are we mentioning this?  Well...

Again this year...TEAMS!

Again this year we have also added the option of joining up as a team (up to 6 people)!!!  That means you can get your classmates, co-workers, team mates, band mates, book club, or whoever you can jostled together, and start doing good and then raising funds for a good cause too!   The caveat here is that if you are on a team,  you will not be eligible for individual prizes, but don't fret!  We will have prizes for teams that raise over $1000 and for the most money raised too!  Create you team pledge page on too.

So think about making this world a better place, and sign up and at the same time, help make a difference for some amazing dogs that deserve a chance to love again!

Please note to be eligible for tax receipts: As this is an online pledge form, we ask people ensure that any donations being made to their campaigns are receipted to the donor and that the donations are eligible for tax receipts under Canadian laws. If you have fundraised in a way that you were given funds for hosting a party or collecting empties, please contact us and arrange to email transfer or paypal those funds to directly as they are not eligible for a receipt (if you are not sure, email us and ask at with the subject "Mikey's").  We are here to help!