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Ally Affirmation Workshop for One Community

$250: Ally Affirmation Workshop for One Community

The goal of our Respond to Racism program is to explore how the arts can provide tools to address racism by supporting education, bridging, and dialogue in communities across Southern Saskatchewan. Ally Affirmation workshops led by poet and edutainer Zoey Roy are being held across Saskatchewan. Your gift of $250 can support artist fees, making it possible to bring this important workshop to one Saskatchewan community. Ally Affirmation gatherings begin with a delicious meal meant to foster conversation and a feeling of belonging. After which, the workshop encourages residents to find comfort in discussing racism, feel motivated to self-reflect, and make positive change in their own lives and in their communities. As these communities come together to discuss their unique place within the racial climate of our province, they are able to see their role and strengthen their ability to provide a safe feeling of home for all residents.

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