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Smilezones at Porcupine Health Unit

Campaign Ends July 1, 2020
We have recently received an application to create four new Smilezones at Porcupine Health Unit’s Speech Language Department in your home town of Timmins, Ontario. The speech Language Department offers a full range of accessible speech and languages services and family-centred interventions including assessments, consultations, parent training, home programs and individual and group programming.
In 2018 alone there were 1216 visits by children and their families from a diverse background of francophone, indigenous and anglophone identity who required the care and assistance of Porcupine Health Units Speech Department.In response to their application to receive Smilezones, our Operations team will be visiting the centre to work with front-line staff to create a customized design plan to best suit the unique needs of the children and youth accessing their services.
Porcupine Health Unit has requested Smilezones for their Waiting Room, Small Therapy Room, Medium Therapy Room and Large Therapy Room based upon the success of past Smilezones we completed within Sudbury’s Word Play Jeux de Mots whom recommended Smilezone to Porcupine. You can see the project (and other Smilezones) in detail on our website at Room.
The Waiting Room is currently very institutional dark and uninviting, cluttered and out-dated. This space, according to the speech pathologist at the Unit, does not appeal to the children who come to this area to wait for their appointments.While we haven’t completed the design meeting yet, the staff have expressed how the addition of our bright, fresh paint, custom, hand-painted murals, bookshelves, kids play table, a sensory corner and plenty of unique tools for positive distraction, purposeful play and literacy development to these spaces, we will allow children to feel happy, welcome, entertained and at ease from the moment the enter.
The Treatment Rooms (Small, Medium & Large)
Like the other proposed area, the three Treatment Rooms are very institutional and lack any distraction for the kids while they receive their care.We have plenty experience transforming treatment rooms and through tons of children, staff and family feedback have found that adding murals has a tremendous impact in the anxiety level of the children. In the Speech Language Department, murals not only give the children stimulating visuals but offer more opportunity for the pathologists to engage the children in conversation to accurately assess and work on the speech language therapy. The paintings give the kids something to look at, focus on, discover and explore.
The Large Therapy Room is typically used for children with unique sensory needs and as such, would strongly benefit from the inclusion on a more relaxing and calming space with softer, pastel shades of paint and soothing mural themes.We currently have another project in Timmins at Cochrane-Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre of which we have scheduled for June 2020. We would like to schedule the proposed Porcupine Health Unit project for the same time – should we receive the funding to do so - be cost-efficient; allowing us to stretch donors dollars even farther to maximize the benefits to the kids.
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