Social Innovation Institute

Registered Name: Social Innovation Institute

Business Number: 822371969RR0001

The Social Innovation Institute is a registered charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. SII is committed to helping Canadians make real, lasting, positive change in their communities by providing accessible and inclusive social innovation education and training, building connections, and providing affordable access to co-working spaces for those facing economic barriers. We believe everyone can be part of the solution.

In 2019, we’re launching our social innovation education program that has a simple, yet audacious goal: Help Canadians lead the world in systems change. We’re looking to make inclusive social innovation education a key pillar in how we create an economy that strengthens people and planet, to provide affordable work spaces for marginalized audiences, to help early stage social innovators access programs and services, and to expand our education and job-readiness programs that support the hundreds of volunteers who give their time in exchange for free desk access.

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