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Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

Registered Name: Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

Business Number: 107987166RR0001

Peer Internship Fund

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

We have been supporting groups with lived experience of poverty and disabilities. The participants in the groups need dedicated supports and opportunities for growth and skill-building. Despite paid internships or honoraria for youth or social services user groups, the work done by adults who are tireless in advocating for equity and fairness, is not receiving consistent recognition and funding. Civic engagement requires our collective investment and supports so the group members can become seasoned facilitators, researchers, advocates and sustain their engagement against burnout, conflicts and exhaustion.

This Budget has been developed by the Disability and Human Rights Group participant, Myron Steiman, who started a fundraiser for his wedding anniversary.


Supervision and Coordination:15 hours X $20 X 12 month $3,6000

Four Internships every month(Tasks such as charring meetings, facilitation, note taking, communication)4 interns X 5 hours X $20 X 12 months $4,800

Refreshments, printing and photocopying $400

Honorariums for members of the group$10/ meeting X 12 meetings X 10 persons $1,200

TOTAL $10,000


- 12 meetings, at least 1 public forum

- Collaboration on projects with civic and faith organizations re accessibility and participation at catalyst groups, municipal advisory committees and consultations

- Each intern to prepare a portfolio for themselves with photographs, certificates, articles etc., to build a profile of themselves as a community leader and advocate

- Each intern to prepare resume to share their story, strengths, training, community involvements etc., to improve chances of finding meaningful participation in the community and/or gainful employment

- The DHG to prepare a toolkit

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