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Our Vision

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Calgary envisions an engaged philanthropic community that builds capacity in innovative non-profits.   

Our Mission

We invest our collective skills and financial resources to propel non-profits to their next level of impact.      


SVP has been in Calgary since 2000, but not nearly enough people know about us and the good work we do.  Here is what makes SVP unique.   Our Partners (members) contribute three things: money, time and skills to help nonprofits have greater impact.

SVP's diverse partnership is made up of volunteers, parents, community leaders, corporate executives and philanthropists – people like you!  Our Partners believe that improving our community is part of their life’s journey and know that nothing truly great is accomplished alone.   Our partners pool their funds, follow their donation dollars, and carefully select the nonprofit organizations we partner with.  We are social sector investors.

SVP provides unrestricted funding to our nonprofit investees for three to five years.   Since 2000, we have invested over $2.2 million dollars to 22 local, nonprofit organizations.   Our Partners build relationships with people and organizations that are making our city a better place. 

SVP has had incredible impact on our nonprofit investees.   Calgary Youth Justice said: “We benefited from SVP’s financial support and their business acumen, but the biggest lift came from knowing we had partners who believed in us to invest personally in our passion.    The partnership with SVP gave us the confidence to grow to the next level.”

This is SVP’s mission:    To propel non-profits to their next level of impact with our financial resources and skills.  But we don’t just want to help non-profits.  We want our Partners to experience personal growth and development.   Joining SVP is an investment in your personal leadership. 

Andy Williamson, a SVP Partner since 2000 put it this way “I’m not exaggerating when I say that SVP has had a positive effect on every aspect of my life.   I have been transformed in business, family, friendships and giving.”

If you are looking to support the great work in our community, meet other engaged citizens, and have some fun along the way, we hope you consider joining SVP.

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