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EmpowerHer Campaign

Introducing the EmpowerHer campaign– a vital response to the pressing needs exacerbated by the pandemic and systemic challenges faced by South Asian women. As housing affordability continues to deteriorate following the onset of the pandemic, coupled with higher unemployment rates and fewer job vacancies, many households across Canada, particularly those in marginalized communities, are struggling to make ends meet.

For South Asian women, these economic strains are often compounded by cultural barriers and systemic inequalities, pushing them closer to the brink of homelessness. Moreover, the alarming rates of violence against women by intimate partners further exacerbate this crisis. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, on any given night in Canada, 6,000 women (often with children) seek refuge in emergency shelters because it isn’t safe at home.

In the face of these realities, the South Asian Centre's campaign aims to be a large support for South Asian women in Windsor who are struggling. But we can't do it alone. With your support, we can raise $10,000 to kickstart this fund.

Your contribution will assist us meeting four of our main goals: 

  • 2k Milestone: Financial Literacy Workshops
    • SACW will host financial literacy workshops focused on budgeting, saving, and managing debt tailored specifically for South Asian women.
  • 4k Milestone: Entrepreneurship Training Programs
    • Launch training program and support lines that provide women with skills and certifications, such as resume building and interview skills.
  • 6k Milestone: Mentorship Program
    • Establish a mentorship program where successful South Asian women serve as mentors to those facing homelessness. Mentors will provide guidance, support, and networking opportunities to help women achieve their goals.
  • 8k Milestone: Emergency Assistance Fund
    • To help women secure stability in their lives, whether it is food, housing, or any emergency situation. This fund can be used to cover rental deposits, utility bills, or emergency housing costs for those at risk of homelessness. Any situation that would put someone at risk for homelessness.

Together, let's stand in solidarity with South Asian women in Windsor who are facing homelessness. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will create ripple effects of positive change in our community. Join us in building a brighter future for those who need it most. Donate now to help us help those struggling in Windsor.