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Endowment Fund

We are striving to develop an endowment fund to support the long-term sustainability of the South Shore Waldorf School and annually reduce tuition fees for all families by creating an additional source of revenue from the Fund's growth. The goal of the Endowment Fund is to build up a capital amount through donations and investments, and then a percentage of the growth is brought annually into the School's operating fund in order to maintain accessible tuition fees for all families.

The Endowment Fund will not have an immediate result, but instead requires long-term thinking. Many older organizations, such as universities or arts organizations, have this kind of a fund to draw upon.  As South Shore Waldorf School enters it's third decade we are planning for the future.

Endowments are permanent funds in which the principal is held in perpetuity and a portion of the investment income is expended annually. Endowment gifts provide long-term sources of funding, supporting activities not just for one year, or one generation, but forever. They are invested prudently to ensure sustainability for current and future needs. Endowments effectively strengthen the organizations balance sheet, as it represents a source of permanent savings and ongoing revenue.

An endowment for SSWS would ensure that Waldorf education survives and thrives in Nova Scotia far into the future. This strong financial foundation will serve to match the strong moral and pedagogical foundation that is at the core of the school today.

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